Whether your business has one work van or a whole fleet, a professionally-designed wrap is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your company and services. Whether on neighborhood roads or long hauls on the highway, thousands of potential customers will see your message every day. With an eye-catching design that projects a positive image, your vehicles can lead to more jobs while you’re on the job -- no extra work or expense required.


Froeschner Creative is not a vehicle wrap company. We are a local, full-service Advertising and Design firm in business since 1989, and over the years we have designed many vehicle wraps. We understand what it takes to build a brand and design effective ads that support and enhance that brand, and by partnering with established vehicle wrap installers we can produce for you a wrap campaign that does just that for your business.

When looking at most vehicle wraps -- and really, much of small business advertising -- we think of the medical-profession’s Hypocratic Oath, which says, “First, do no harm”. Too often, a quick ad or a cheaply-designed vehicle wrap or decal job can actually do more harm to your business than good. At best, your message is invisible -- a wasted opportunity every time you hit the road. At worst, you promote an unprofessional image that runs contrary to the excellent work you actually provide. We strongly suggest your business avoid that trap. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for your company and help you grow your business, one vehicle mile at a time.


• Studies suggest a wrapped vehicle on the road can be seen by as many as 30,000 to 70,000 potential customers per work day.

• It has also been shown that 90% of people say that they do notice wrapped vehicles on the road.

• A quality wrap, properly cared for, can last up to 5 years, meaning your investment amounts to just a few dollars per day.

• Based on the number of daily advertising impressions, when compared to a vehicle wrap, other forms of advertising can cost anywhere from 5 times to 40 times more per impression.



The first step is to get to know your business, your services, your competitive strengths or advantages, and what we call your overall “business personality”. What we create will need to accentuate that personality and present yours as a business people want to do business with.


The next thing to consider is your company logo. If it doesn’t have the proper strength of design to carry a campaign, it may need to be re-worked. If your logo is overly simple or perhaps dated in appearance, but you want to keep the basic look for continuity, we can update it to make it more contemporary. Or, we can consider your name, your industry, and your business personality and design a powerful, all-new logo that will catch eyes on the road or anywhere else you use it (and yes, it will be yours to use for any other application).


Once the logo question has been answered to your satisfaction, the final step is your vehicle wrap. We will begin by working off of a template of your vehicle(s) to present you with a design that works with your logo. This can be a partial wrap (typically the sides and back), or a full wrap (top and hood included, with side and/or back windows covered with a see-thru perforated material or left uncovered, if you prefer).

When the basic design is settled on, we will then present you with a Photoshop rendering -- something most places won’t do -- of one side of your vehicle so that you can get a good idea of what the final product will actually look like in the wild.


Simply fill out the contact form, including a description of your vehicle(s) -- year, make, model, plus any other descriptors such as high-top roof, extended cab or length, wheelbase, etc.. We will then provide you with a price quote for both partial and full vehicle wrap options, as well as design costs. There is no obligation for the quote.

You can also attach an image of your logo and/or vehicle, if you like, and we can give you our thoughts about your brand and how it can be improved. You can attach a pdf, jpg, or jpeg file.


How much does it cost?

Cost for design and installation can vary depending on vehicle type. A large vehicle with more curves and creases is harder to design and wrap than a basic, flat-sided work van. It all depends on what kind of vehicle, how intricate the design, and if we need to redesign your logo or not. Fill out the contact form and we will get you a no obligation price quote.

How many design options can we see?

If we are redesigning your logo as part of the process, we will provide 5 logo design options. Once you decide between a full or partial wrap and the logo question is finalized, we will provide you with three wrap design options. The quoted design fee will also cover two rounds of revisions.

Does it matter what color the vehicle is?

If it’s a full wrap, vehicle color does not matter at all. If it’s a partial wrap, basic colored vehicles such as white, black, or grey are much easier to work with, but we should be able to make something work no matter the vehicle color -- depending on your logo colors, of course. If your logo prominently features pink and your vehicle is yellow, that can present a scary combination.

What if we want more than one vehicle wrapped?

If you have a fleet of identical or very similar Ford E150s, for example, you will incur just one design fee. If you have a variety of vehicle types, we can make sure your new design will work on all of them to ensure a consistent branding image, but each vehicle will require its own template design. On the installation side, depending on the number of vehicles, the installer will likely offer us a fleet discount.

If you redesign our logo, can we only use it on the wrap design you provide?

No. The logo is your property and can be used anywhere else you choose. We will provide you with a high-resolution copy in a variety of formats.

What if we want you to design a new wrap, but we prefer to use the installation company we’ve used before?

No problem. We will gladly design the wrap and provide you/them with the necessary art files. You will then only be billed by us for the design work.

Is a down payment required before work can begin?

Yes. Once you decide to start the process, we will need a 50% down payment, partly to protect the value of our intellectual product but also because it’s required by the installer before installation can begin. Once the wrap is installed, the remaining 50% is due upon delivery.

Is there a warranty on the wrap?

Yes, there is a 3M warranty provided by the installer, covering your vehicle wrap for 3 years on vertical surfaces, and 2 years for horizontal surfaces, such as the hood.

Does it matter if the vehicle has body damage?

Yes, a vehicle that has been damaged can present problems when wrapped. Minor dents and dings can be worked around, but more serious damage or rusted areas can not be covered. Also, if a vehicle has been repainted, it is possible the wrap will not stick. Vinyl suppliers recommend OEM paint finishes.

If you are concerned about the level of damage on a vehicle, simply email us photos and we can check with the installer.

Can I wash the vehicle after it’s wrapped?

Yes, but hand-washing is recommended. Just be sure to rinse it with water before soaping to remove any debris that could scratch. Though not likely, it is possible that power washing and drive-thru washes could damage the wrap.

Can I wrap a leased vehicle, and will the vinyl damage the original paint finish?

Many companies prefer to lease their work vehicles, and wrapping does not affect the lease or vehicle warranty in any way. A properly installed wrap will not damage the paint finish on the vehicle, and will actually protect it. Once your lease is up, the wrap can be removed without a trace.

How long does the process take?

The design process is the longest part, and depending on scheduling, logo design, vehicle type and content or complexity of the overall message, it can take anywhere from one week to two. The actual installation usually takes 2 to 3 days.

Why have Froeschner Creative design the wrap instead of the wrap installer?

A fair question, and there are two points to the answer:

One, we are experienced designers with a reputation for delivering work that far exceeds the expectations of our clients. We don’t just take your logo and phone number and throw it on a colorful background and call it a day. We invest the time necessary -- something a busy wrap company may not always have -- to fully flesh-out your design to make sure it is as strong as possible.

And two, we are also a full-service advertising agency that understands all aspects of messaging, visual appeal, branding and campaign continuity. This is more than a logo on a truck -- it is an advertising message that will be seen by thousands of potential customers, and it must properly communicate who you are and what you do in a way that catches eyes, creates interest, leaves a positive impression, and hopefully results in future business. We have seen many wraps out on the road, and to be honest we are sometimes stunned by how difficult they can be to read, to figure out what the company does, or by the shocking design decisions made.

Either way there is a design cost, but by using our team you will get a cleaner, bolder, higher quality of design that makes the most out of your investment.

Beyond our logo and wrap design, are you able to help with other aspects of our advertising and marketing?

Absolutely, especially if we redesign your logo and/or create an all-new image for your company. We can help you incorporate that new look across the board to make sure you have a unified brand. And depending on your industry and the amount of advertising you do, we can implement your new image with new business cards, apparel, brochures and leave behinds, direct mail, print or web ads, even radio, TV, and billboards.